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7 Tools to Tackle Social Media and Online Monitoring at Your Credit Union

Posted by ryanruud on Feb 5, 2014 8:30:45 AM

Last week we talked about the importance of monitoring your credit union brand online and in social media. Despite the regulatory concerns of the financial services industry, regular brand monitoring is good practice for every industry and we laid out three key objectives in monitoring your brand online to protect your brand and prevent fraud.


Brand mentions

Here we're referencing every time someone mentions your brand or a similarity (which we'll address in objective three). The key here is keeping an eye on these to make sure that 1.) no one is portraying themselves as your brand or close to your brand and 2.) to ensure you're listening and responding to people who want to be heard.


Sentiment refers to how negative, positive or neutral those mentions are and by monitoring this indicator you can triage your overall online activity and surface potential crisis issues buying your credit union time to address concerns.


Similarities and competitors refers to 1.) mentions that include accounts that are similar to your brand name and 2.) your competitors. Watching these accounts allow you to make sure no one is spreading false information and 2.) that no one is passing themselves off as a representative of your brand and 3.) that your members and prospective members aren't getting confused online.

Tools to monitor your credit union online and in social media

In the last post we reviewed how the native search functions of Google, Google+, Twitter and Facebook allow your credit union to monitor your brand under those three objectives and here we'll provide a list of non-native tools that can also augment the native functionality of these platforms.

Brand mentions

Hootsuite is the tool I use religiously and recommend to anyone who will listen. I've been a loyal Hootsuite user since 2009. The ability of hootsuite to organize your monitoring in my opinion is unparalleled. Organized by streams, you can bring all of your accounts( Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+) under one umbrella and create a command center.

Similar to Hootsuite, Tweetdeck offers robust monitoring and management tools.

Icerocket is a simple search tool across blogs, Twitter and Facebook from the folks at Meltwater buzz that gives you quick glance at mentions.



SocialMention monitors hundreds of sites and delivers a nice report on four indicators: strength, sentiment, passion and reach overall for your brand.

Trackur offers a free trial and a low monthly paid version with sentiment analysis that won't break the bank.


Addictomatic is like christmas morning. It brings everything into one nice view. If you're monitoring your brand or a competitor it doesn't matter, if it's online it'll be on the Addictomatic page in one place, a nice replacement for the mountains of Google Alert emails potentially. You can modify and edit your addicto-board to fit the result you want.

bank and credit union marketing swot analysis

Paperli also offers a nice set of tools for creating a central command for bringing the information to you. You can create a "newspaper" of sorts, pick your sources and paperli will deliver it to you on the frequency you wish.

Native, non-native, just start monitoring

Whether you use the native monitoring tools from the platforms themselves or a tool developed to do something specific, the important thing is to start monitoring your credit union's brand today to protect your brand authority and prevent fraud. Even if you don't use social media or online tactics in your marketing strategy, monitor what's being said. Members are talking, are you listening?

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