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Context: Glue for Your Credit Union's Social Media Strategy

Posted by ryanruud on Feb 11, 2014 9:50:37 AM

On my way to the office this morning I pulled up behind what looked like a corporate fleet vehicle. There were no markings on the back of the car that let me know what company I was following but there was a giant Facebook icon with a "like us" call to action on the bumper. On one hand I applaud Company "X' for really going "all in" on adopting social. On the other hand, it brings up a valid point in our ongoing series about social media and doing it well. We've talked about authenticity and monitoring with tools from the platforms themselves and other solutions as well.


Today, we're talking about context. Using social media in the right place, the right time and providing context to your members.

Right place, right time

Placing a call to action to rummage through my pocket for my phone and "like" something in a state where mobile phone usage while driving, even while stopped at a stoplight, is not right place, right time social media strategy.

Understand where your members are and where you want to reach them with each social platform and with what. To make sure you get the right place, right time piece of the strategy right I offer this tip.

Create a matrix with the platforms you're considering across the top and the content you've contemplated for those platforms down the side. Place an X in the boxes to the right where you will publish the content.

Here's an example:

Now you can see clearly what kind of content will go to which platform and see in what settings you should solicit new likes and follows from. For example adding a tag on direct promotions for accounts that says like us on Facebook or check in on Foursquare for the latest offers from MyCreditUnion or pushing Twitter heavy in your newsletter if you include original content and using YouTube on your website if videos introduce team members that prospects will meet when they come into the branch.

You can also now easily provide context in all channels.

Context: give it to me straight

The other thing about my bumper call-to-action that bothered me was that I had no idea who I was suppose to like or why. The other piece of context in your social media strategy is to let your members know what they'll get when they like or follow a social platform. Now that you have the matrix, you can be very specific. You can give it to them straight. "Follow MyCreditUnion on twitter for the latest from our blog and other tips for money, life and local news" OR "follow us on instagram to see us around the community and share your MyCity photos with the hashtag #MyCreditUnionCares."

Bring it together, they will follow

With context as your glue, members and prospect will follow and are more likely to engage. Think about it. Are you more or less likely to engage with a profile that's telling you exactly what you're going to get by engaging with them?

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