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2016 Digital Marketing Trends Your Credit Union Should Watch

Posted by ryanruud on Jan 8, 2016 10:09:31 AM

The holidays have come and gone in a flash. Left in their wake is a new year.  A clean slate. No matter where you are in your credit union's digital marketing journey, the year ahead is loaded with potential. As the year unfolds, we'll see new tools, tactics and strategies for reaching new members and growing share of wallet.

In our always on, alway on-the-go world, accomplishing the goal of reaching new members, growing share of wallet and engaging our community can seem daunting.

As we march forward with our vision to help credit unions, just like yours, squeeze as much opportunity out of the digital world around them, we're kicking the year off with this summary. All week we've been sharing our favorite, forward-looking content giving you a jump on carpe diem-ing your credit union's digital opportunity from email to social media. Here's our recap.


digital marketing trends for credit union 2016Overall Digital Trends Your Credit Union Should Monitor

Across the board, there are some 30,000 foot trends taking place across all industries that affect consumers generally. As a result, they affect the way consumers think about every thing from finance to impacting how we communicate or find new products and services. As disruption continues to occur in everything from the way we work to the way we pay for things, these 6 trends captured by Adam Toren at are worth keeping on your credit union's radar as you work towards becoming a center of innovation. Read More

Position Your Credit Union Website For Search In 2016

2015 saw more updates from search giant Google including a pivot towards emphasizing sites with secure protocols and those that are optimized for mobile. Expect this trend to continue in 2016 with a focus on speed and re ignited focus on the user. This means everything from moving faster from keywords to intent based searches plus bigger boosts to sites with quick loads times and sites designed around conversion. Gone are the day of sites not focused on conversion, driving action or sale. Google sees all. Read More about 2016 SEO Trends in this article by Darshan Patel at SemRush. Read More.

Social Media Advertising Matures, Is Your Credit Union Capitalizing?

Social medica continues to be challenging for credit unions. Hung up on policy and procedure, credit unions and the financial services industry as a whole struggle to leverage this channel. However the industry has matured while financial services is trying to figure out how to react. Leaving behind it are grown up ad platforms that in 2016 will really come into their own as a legitimate traffic source offering robust targeting that when coupled with 1st party data can be a powerful acquisition and retargeting tool. Read more about what several leaders in social media have to say about the channel in this recap from Social Media Examiner. Read More. 

Time To Freshen Up Your Credit Union's Email Marketing Strategy

Email continues to be one of the best channels to drive acquisition and engagement. It's also one of the oldest. Over the past few years, new tools in automation and analytics have created new ways to conceive and deliver email campaigns. It might be time to revisit your credit union's approach to it's email database and email marketing effort. This post by Susan Su provides 7 thought provoking, data backed ideas to rethink some old email tactics. Read More.

Our Forward Looking Credit Union Digital Marketing Review

Next week we'll provide our own take on what 2016 will hold and where the biggest opportunities exist in credit unions looking to capitalize on digital marketing and engagement.

We always love hearing from you.

Were there 2016 forward looking articles you saw that we should be aware of? Share them in the comments below. What do you think 2016 holds for the digital marketing world. Let us know.

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